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Primary-Hosting-Farm and Backup-Hosting-Farm

In case of a service failure, the switch from the Primary-Hosting-Farm to the Backup-Hosting-Farm takes place automatically. The following procedures will be followed:

1: You are already redirected to our Backup-Hosting-Farm and your data is readonly.
2: Stay informed about Primary-Hosting-Farm status and our decision regarding to make Backup-Hosting-Farm writable.
3: In case Primary-Hosting-Farm is back, clear your browser history and re-open it.
4: In case of longer time failure of Primary-Hosting-Farm, we switch Backup-Hosting-Farm into Read/Write mode and use it as main farm. You can start working as usual.

Testing of the Backup Hosting Farm:

To test your EGroupware data, stored in the backup farm, you can access it with this URL anytime: "instance name - top-level".

For example for our support centre instead of "": "" or "" for all ".net" domains. In case of a service failure, the switch from the primary hosting farm to the backup hosting farm takes place automatically.